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Remastered version of Chosen, Book One of Between

Remastered CHOSEN is here!

My first self published book was the original CHOSEN, released back in 2015. I decided to utilize everything I’ve learned over the past few years and rewrite my “first born.” It took more than 18 months of arduous editing and writing but I am so happy with the remastered version. I am very excited that it is finally ready for new readers to enjoy, as well as those who read the original. I’ve added a bonus

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JY Olmos' Spirit of Ink October blog

The Spirit of Ink for October

This month’s selection is Obsidian Magic by McKenzie Hunter. This is a fantasy novel written in 2017 and is the second book in this series. I enjoyed reading the first book of the Legacy series so much, that the moment I finished book one, I started in on book two immediately. The main characters Levy and Gareth create a powerful force of push and pull, intrigue and sexual tension. This story revolves around Levy Michaels, the last

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JY Olmos' book, Chosen

Almost Done… watch for the relaunch of CHOSEN

Almost Done… watch for the relaunch of CHOSEN Last summer, I shared that I’ve been working on rewriting and republishing my 2015 book, Chosen – Book One of Between. Here’s the latest: The rewrite is done for my urban, fantasy romance, Chosen, and I’m pleased with the final product. I’m more excited to share this with you than anything I’ve done in quite some time. I’ve made so many changes that it’s hard to describe in

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