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Q&A with JYO: What Inspired You?

QUESTION: This novel, CHOSEN, seems to be both a creative story or even a biography of a young woman who by fate steps into the world of magic, extrasensory perception, and mind power. What or who inspired you to create the story and how long did you think about it before starting to work out? For example some of my poems will just pop up and I am done in half an hour on any

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Poem dedicated to JYO - Storyteller

A Poem Dedicated to JYO

Storyteller Oh storyteller, storyteller, how I love what you do,There in your brain, cemetery of thoughts, lie ideas so very true.Truth about life, an exciting story, waiting to be told,How you organized a twisting tale, your inner self had to be bold.For you must craftily create a story, from beginning to an end,You must draw in the curious reader, with many factors to blend.The characters, the timing, the setting, the story itself,Then paint it on

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