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The tough road back to Chosen

The Tough Road Back to Chosen

The Tough Road Back to Chosen Originally published in 2015, this book was a fantasy tale with graphic sex and uncomfortable scenes that although often tragic, ended on an up note. Was it a happy ending? Sure. Was it good? Some said, yes. Was it great? No. Before I self-published this book, I had it edited by a family friend. Since I got the family discount, you can imagine the errors that slipped through. I

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Artist rendering of Zarka female from the Hive Triology

The HIVE Series – Zarka Female

This is an artist’s rendering of a Zarka female from my HIVE series. Thank you to Kendra – Affective Artistry for letting me share. You can see more of her work on her website:

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young "adults" on university campus

Adulting 101

A college, or as my daughter prefers, a university is partially defined as a degree-awarding tertiary educational institution.  Although that sounds lovely, and is for the most part correct, what most parents think of when the word college or university slips from our child’s mouth, is a firsthand education on how to be an adult. I think my daughter would agree to some extent, as she is looking forward to my inability to helicopter. More

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