Oh storyteller, storyteller, how I love what you do,
There in your brain, cemetery of thoughts, lie ideas so very true.
Truth about life, an exciting story, waiting to be told,
How you organized a twisting tale, your inner self had to be bold.
For you must craftily create a story, from beginning to an end,
You must draw in the curious reader, with many factors to blend.
The characters, the timing, the setting, the story itself,
Then paint it on powerful pages and create a bold book for the shelf.
But before it arrives there, to rest, as in a timeless yet temporary grave,
Someone, and hopefully many, will value it as something to save.
Your skills are many, as you teasingly tell your planned-out story,
We might label it as the great new novel, and possibly revel in its glory.
Because you have created a stimulating story, that might help us to understand,
A little, or a lot, about life on earth, and its complexities, ever so grand.

Robert Arreola
11/18/2019 Verdugo Rancho

Dedicated to J.Y. Olmos.
Keep writing and enjoy what you do, which is a gift.