When Earth is invaded, Evonne witnesses her family’s deaths and wakes up imprisoned in a room with other women of childbearing age. They undergo torturous experiments before being rescued by seemingly human alien warriors on a reconnaissance mission. Evonne’s ordeal has unleashed new abilities in her, powers she can’t fully understand or control.

Evonne is thrust into a volatile society in which matriarchal leaders and warrior males maintain a complicated balance of power, where minds can be read and animals speak. She is drawn to Kalerant, one of her rescuers and a dominant figure in this strange society. He is drawn to her strength as well as her beauty, and he offers her a place in his world. As their passion intensifies and their relationship deepens, Evonne navigates new friendships and loyalties—and faces dangers she’d never anticipated.

“A perfect blend of romance and science fiction – 5 Stars!”
– Lyndon Hardy, author of Master of the Five Magics

“The Hive: Book 1 The Matriarch Saved by JY Olmos is a wonderfully immersive blend of Sci-Fi and romance. The best Sci-Fi is almost Shakespearian as it includes elements of love, loss, family, war, politics, religion and humor. Here the author does not disappoint as she skillfully weaves a powerful and very human fish-out-of-water tale with her main character, Evonne.”
– Thomas Nielson / Actor, Los Angeles

“J.Y. introduces a very relatable human heroine. I found this to be an expertly crafted, well detailed and highly original culture that felt authentic and was peopled with intriguing characters. And what a story it is, it even has extreme in-law issues (something apparently not exclusive to our planet). I can’t wait to read Book 2!”
– Sandra Coopersmith / Journalist, Culver City News

“The Hive: The Matriarch Saved goes beyond magical realism to fantastical realism. Evonne, and the reader go on an amazing ride of discovery and adventure beyond humdrum earth. They escape from alien enslavement to alien paradise on Lux, a world populated by gorgeous, adoring and wonderfully potent males.”
Jim Mueller / Reader, CA