The Hive: Book 3



Evonne believes that her daughter is still alive and held captive by the Hive somewhere at the fringes of the galaxy. Now all she has to do is convince her husbands to make the trip. But the fringe of the galaxy is a vast place, and the Hive is a powerful foe. Even with the fierce protective devotion of each of her husbands, Evonne’s search for support is a struggle, and this quest is fraught with dire warnings and loss. When she is called before the Coalition of Planets on charges of obstruction of a Matriarch’s challenge, Evonne and Kalerant use any means necessary to convince the regents to back the mission to reunite her with her daughter.

“An exciting and satisfying conclusion to the trilogy”
– Los Angeles Reader

“I am impressed by the intricate alien culture J.Y. has created, the distinct and often relatable personalities encountered in this series, and several existing threads that could definitely be woven into additional intriguing stories.”

Randy Fredericks
Reader, CA

“I have been enjoying this series so much that I did not want Book 3 to end. And I hope the author will continue the adventures of her various characters in future novels as she has a great deal of rich material to work with. I exhort the author to have another glass of wine, get back to her computer, and continue to enthrall us with further developments in the ever-changing world of the Matriarch.”

Sandra Coopersmith
Reader, CA

“Through Ms. Olmos’ Evonne, we get a wondrous tale of humanity, growth, and female empowerment.”

Thomas Nielsen
Reader, CA

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