The Hive: Book 2 The Matriarch Settled



Evonne settles into her new life as Matriarch of Lux manor. Although she is married to the legendary commander Kalerant Torneau, and their love and passion continue to grow, all is not bliss. The manor and warrior training facility continue to be plagued with robberies, and the news of a possible traitor in their ranks causes mistrust among the warriors. All too soon, Evonne comes face to face with the struggles of being a powerful Matriarch. She is challenged by another Matriarch in this galaxy’s version of a duel to the death. Then Evonne is captured, and it’s a race against time to find her and the traitor among them.

“I was hooked!”
– Sandra Coopersmith

“Book 2 continues to deliver exciting adventures, a tantalizing glimpse into otherworldly marriage and societal customs, intriguing relationships, and clever twists. This is a seductive saga that draws you into an alien world replete with fascinating characters and power plays. It’s a real page-turner, and I can’t wait to see what resolutions the author arrives at in Book 3!”

Sandra Coopersmith
Reader, Los Angeles

“JY made it easy for me to just accept, early on, the worlds and circumstances she created.”

Jim Mueller
Reader, CA

A very immersive read that ends on a cliffhanger. I can’t wait to read Book 3. Highly recommended!!

Thomas Nielsen
Actor, CA

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