Almost Done… watch for the relaunch of CHOSEN

Last summer, I shared that I’ve been working on rewriting and republishing my 2015 book, Chosen – Book One of Between.

Here’s the latest:

The rewrite is done for my urban, fantasy romance, Chosen, and I’m pleased with the final product. I’m more excited to share this with you than anything I’ve done in quite some time. I’ve made so many changes that it’s hard to describe in one short paragraph what you can expect. For those who’ve read the original version, you’ll find increased suspense, deeper backstory, more surprises, and yes, I ramped up the steamy romance. I’ve even included an excerpt for the next book in the series, Pride, Book Two of Between. As you can see by the attached photo, my awesome cover designer gave it a refreshed look without losing the original feel. At the moment, I’m working on the formatting for the ebook and print on demand books, but don’t worry, the re-mastered version of CHOSEN, Book One of Between will be out in plenty of time for Christmas!

Happy reading!