Artwork Contest

JYO artwork contest
CALLING ALL ARTISTS  – Put your skills to the test.

To celebrate the launch of my newest series The Hive, I am hosting a fun contest for all you artists out there!

3 winners will be chosen to win a $50 Coffee Bean Gift Card, and will have their work featured at my next book signing in Pismo Beach California on December 16th!

  1. Choose one of the three creature descriptions from below, and create your depiction of that creature to the best of your ability using any artwork format (graphic, sketch, paint, etc.). Artwork can be in color or black and white.
  2. Upon completion of your artwork, post to your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram profile, tag @JYOBooks and use the hashtag #TheHive

Submissions will be accepted until Tuesday, December 12th, 2017, and winners will be announced on our Facebook profile December 13th.

Creature Description: Merment

The Merment is a scavenger. A cross between a Pomeranian or Chinchilla and a Rat. A ground dwelling pack animal. Think mean or deranged and snarly.

Creature Description: Agorians

Birdlike people from a tropical planet. Long necks, narrow shoulders, skinny. Roughly 6’ tall. Feather like short hair. The females are brownish with white around the eyes like a Barn owl, the males are colorful. With blue or green swashes around the face and neck, yellow feathery short hair. The females like to wear jewel toned evening gowns.

Creature Description: Yanuk

The Yanuk is a Rhinoceros-like work beast. Not intelligent but endearing. It’s large. Very large. Think triceratops but with a single horn or like a rhinoceros but with the bony plate behind the head.