Author: JY

Q&A with JYO: What Inspired You?

QUESTION: This novel, CHOSEN, seems to be both a creative story or even a biography of a young woman who by fate steps into the world of magic, extrasensory perception, and mind power. What or who inspired you to create the story and how long did you think about it before starting to work out? For example some of my poems will just pop up and I am done in half an hour on any

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What’s JY Up To?

Check out the latest page in my bullet journal. Lots of balls in the air for September and October. I’m finishing up editing and getting ready to republish Chosen, and researching my new project: a serial-killer thriller that takes place in the desert. I’m getting good feedback from my writers’ group. On top of that, I’ve lost my helper to college, so I have sole duty cleaning the litter box for two cats. Sign up

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The Spirit of the Ink for August

This month’s selection is Solaris by Stanislaw Lem (1921-2006). This is a science fiction classic originally written in 1961 and translated into forty-one different languages. The Kindle version was translated directly from the Polish manuscript, and some argue that it is closest to the original. I read this book years ago and again this past weekend. Although my impressions of the story from the first reading of this book stuck with me over the years,

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