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Artwork Contest Winners

Choosing a winner for the contest was harder than I ever imagined. As you probably can surmise, seeing drawings of non-sentient animals that had previously lived in my mind was hard, but seeing a talking character brought forth a different set of emotions. I appreciate the hard work each of the contestants put into their craft and encourage each to continue honing their talent. I continue work on my own craft and hope to one

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JYO artwork contest

Artwork Contest

CALLING ALL ARTISTS  – Put your skills to the test. To celebrate the launch of my newest series The Hive, I am hosting a fun contest for all you artists out there! 3 winners will be chosen to win a $50 Coffee Bean Gift Card, and will have their work featured at my next book signing in Pismo Beach California on December 16th! CONTEST RULES Choose one of the three creature descriptions from below, and

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