The Spirit of Ink for October

JY Olmos' Spirit of Ink October blog

This month’s selection is Obsidian Magic by McKenzie Hunter. This is a fantasy novel written in 2017 and is the second book in this series. I enjoyed reading the first book of the Legacy series so much, that the moment I finished book one, I started in on book two immediately. The main characters Levy and Gareth create a powerful force of push and pull, intrigue and sexual tension.

This story revolves around Levy Michaels, the last of her kind, who is on the run from trackers. Supernaturals are out of the closet but she must stay hidden because of the type of magic she possesses. She is Legacy, possessing one of the oldest forms of magic. Levy is forced to work with Gareth, the enigmatic leader of the Supernatural Guild. He knows her secret, but the author stalls book two by never fully developing the relationship between these two characters and leaves the question of trust unanswered. Although I am curious to know what happens at the end, I’m not sure I can bring myself to read the entire book.

I have paired this book with a Jalapeno Margarita and a salted rim. In this case, I also added the comfort of a Bavarian Pretzel. Like the book, the first drink goes down with ease making you want to devour another. But the spice of the jalapeno reminds you that although one is good, two can quickly overpower your senses, leaving you numb and ready for a nap. The pretzel helped to soak up my disappointment of an unfulfilled romance between characters. 

– JY Olmos, Author