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Poem dedicated to JYO - Storyteller

A Poem Dedicated to JYO

Storyteller Oh storyteller, storyteller, how I love what you do,There in your brain, cemetery of thoughts, lie ideas so very true.Truth about life, an exciting story, waiting to be told,How you organized a twisting tale, your inner self had to be bold.For you must craftily create a story, from beginning to an end,You must draw in the curious reader, with many factors to blend.The characters, the timing, the setting, the story itself,Then paint it on

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JY Olmos' The HIVE series

The HIVE Trilogy on Audio

After an exhaustive search and the difficult task of interviewing and listening to auditions from voice actors to record the HIVE trilogy, I believe I’ve found the right candidate. I won’t lie, it was a tough choice. In the end I went with an actress with whom I believe I will be able to work with for more than just this one series. Keep your fingers crossed! As for the time frame, well, it’s looking

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